Mobile Home Bill Of Sale Texas

Mobile Home Bill of Sale. The mobile home described below is hereby sold and transferred from the named seller to the named buyer. The seller is the legal owner of the RV, which is free of liens and other encumbrances.

Purpose of this page. This page discusses transferring a mobile home’s ownership from a seller to a buyer in the great state of Texas. This is not intended in situations where the land the mobile home sits on is included in the sale.

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Kansas. A mobile or manufactured home cannot be sold on a bill of sale. New mobile homes and house trailers are required to pay sales tax based on 60% of the purchase price prior to any trade in allowance. Manufactured and mobile homes are required to be titled.

How to Use These Samples. This list of free samples can get you started right away with selling a trailer home. You don’t need to be in the business of manufacturing these houses before you need an official bill of sale – if you own a mobile home and wish to sell it, a bill of sale is the way to go.

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Personal Property Transfer and Promissory Note. A seller can sell and finance a mobile home without land by executing a bill of sale. This is much like a bill of sale on a car. It will have the serial number for the mobile home, and may simply state that the seller is transferring the personal property to the buyer.

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A Mobile Home Bill of Sale is designed to protect the rights of Buyers and Sellers of a mobile home by documenting the terms and conditions of the transaction. Any Seller or Buyer of a mobile home from another person can benefit from this form, that will also help prevent potential problems in the future.

A Texas Bill of Sale is legal proof that documents the sale of an item between private person or between a business and an individual. It contains information such as a description of the property being sold, the name of the buyer, the name of the seller, and the amount that was exchanged for the sale.

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