what do you own when you buy a condo

What Do You Own When You Buy A Condo? When you buy a condo, you own your own unit and part of all the common areas, such as stairways, hallways and amenities. But every condo is different, and you could end up owning more or less than that. Before signing on the dotted line, find out exactly what you’re buying into.

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You may have a basic understanding of what a condo is: you own your “unit” within a larger building or community of other condo owners. You jointly own the exterior property and common areas with all unit owners in the building or community. Condo owners pay a monthly “condo fee” that covers general repairs and maintenance

 · But remember that, in the end, it’s up to you. To Buy or Rent in Retirement: Issues to Consider Age and Health. While a lot of older adults are working longer these days, plenty of people still choose to retire at 55 or even younger. If you expect to own your home for 10-15 years or more, buying is generally the best choice.

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If he elects to rent again, he presumably will save another $67,000 over five years as he patiently awaits the arrival of a buyer’s market to buy his own unit or remains in his rental unit, taking.

Difference Between Condos vs. Townhouses vs. Detached Homes - Real Estate Tips  · If you do go ahead and look at condos make sure you get a copy of at least one years of the minutes of their strata council meetings. They are required to keep them and if you ask for them they have to give them to you. this will give you an idea of what kinds of things could be coming up for repairs ie my girlfriend has just been assessed 5000, for a new roof, last year it was 10,000 to.

what is hud 1 What is a HUD-1 Statement? Knowledgebase – What is a HUD-1 Statement? The closing statement to a real estate purchase contains many potential tax deductions for you. Treatment of closing statement line items differ depending on whether property is business (rental) property or used as a personal residence.

You may choose to buy a condo in a vacation area that you often visit. You could then take advantage of certain tax breaks for property ownership and you.

When you buy a condo, you own only what is inside the walls of your unit. Outside of those walls, the residents of the complex share ownership in a cooperative bound by a contract.

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